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Custom Design

Custom hand-crafted door

Designed and built by Benedetto

House in Wellesley, MA

Introduction to Benedetto Woodworking:

Benedetto woodworking is a company which has primarily worked with designers and architects on projects of either their, or our own design. We produce only the highest quality custom furniture, custom millwork, built-ins and custom kitchens from design to finish.

We are looking for new designers and architects for long term working relationships. We can produce any shape, curve or form that can be designed and drawn. We have over thirty years of experience in high-end only products. We guarantee that you and your customer will be 100% satisfied with our products.

The most important part of any project is the finish, and the finish is our specialty.

First time customers will receive special pricing on their first order and a free estimate. Also, first time customers will receive credit for the design fee and drawing if we go through with the project.

Director: Benedetto

Addiction, Hope, Addiction

The decline of a child going through addiction to opiate painkillers; based off of the real experience of the artist and how he observed a loved one going through addiction and withdrawal. The sculpture was built to create awareness of the pandemic of the overuse of painkillers in the United States. The sculptures will be first made available for a special price as a set of 10 to an institution willing to display them to the public. No more than ten sets will be produced. This is a set of 10 Sculptures. 

Welcome to Benedetto Gallery!

Benedetto Gallery is the official gallery authorized to display the artwork of Benedetto Megidesh.

Benedetto Megidesh has been designing and building furniture since 1991 in the US. From rough lumber to finish, he has created numerous one-of-a-kind custom pieces of furniture, sculptures, and paintings. Benedetto Megidesh specializes in working with artists, architects, and designers on their woodworking projects to produce the highest quality of custom work available. The majority of his handcrafted work has been inspired by his own life experiences.

Benedetto Gallery is an extension of Benedetto Woodworking. The gallery displays Benedetto's more diverse work from the last 25 years. His gallery work includes sculptures, paintings and handcrafted furniture.